FRP reinforcing can be made from various types of fibers such as glass (GFRP), basalt (BFRP) or carbon (CFRP). A surface treatment is typically provided that facilitates a bond between the reinforcing and the concrete.

Beneficial characteristics of FRP reinforcing include: (taken from FDOT)

  • It is highly resistant to chloride ion and chemical attack
  • Its tensile strength is greater than that of steel yet it weighs only one quarter as much
  • It is transparent to magnetic fields and radar frequencies
  • GFRP has low electrical and thermal conductivity

Usage Restrictions / Parameters

GFRP, and/or CFRP reinforcing bars may be used in the following concrete components when approved by the SSDE:

  • Approach Slabs
  • Bridge Decks and Bridge Deck overlays
  • Cast-in-Place Flat Slab Superstructures
  • Pile Bent Caps not in direct contact with water
  • Pier Columns and Caps not in direct contact with water
  • Retaining Walls, Noise Walls, Perimeter Walls
  • Drainage Structures