Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc. | CSC is the Consulting EngineerContractor, and the Material Manufacturer of the technologies developed by the following technology inventors. CSC engineers are thoroughly trained to provide their clients with an array of solutions combining complimentary technologies and products.



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Structural Technologies

Structural Technologies, a Structural Group Company, is firmly committed to its ongoing mission of making new and existing structures stronger and last longer. Structural Technologies develops and integrates products with engineering support services to provide value-added solutions to designers, engineering professionals, contractors, and owners across a broad range of end user markets.

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Fyfe Company designs and manufacturers fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for strengthening, repair and restoration of pipes, masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures. Founded in 1988 to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using aerospace materials. Today, Fyfe is recognized around the world as the pioneer of the FRP structural strengthening industry with over 40 patents in the field.

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Smarter Building Systems

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Fibrwrap Construction, Inc.

Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. specializes in the application of advanced composite systems for the rehabilitation of large-diameter pipelines. Founded in 1988 to assist in the development of Fyfe Company’s Tyfo® system, Fibrwrap Construction has performed structural upgrades on over 6,000 projects worldwide.

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