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Our Story

Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc., was formed in 2004 with the mission of providing unique Holistic Systemic Engineered Solutions for our customers infrastructure repair and strengthening needs.

Our Experience

Our proprietary, innovative technologies for concrete repair and strengthening are specified, promoted, and utilized by such distinguished governmental agencies as NASA, Dept. of Defense, Army Corp of Engineers, State Transportation Departments, and countless other esteemed customers. Coordinated Systems and Surtreat Holding, LLC.,  are renowned for our work in using chemistry to mitigate and prevent corrosion while improving the compressive, flexural, and tensile strength of the original substrate concrete.

These innovative technologies combined with our specialty design team, made up of structural engineers, all serve to deliver our customers Systemic, Holistic Turn-key Solutions that provide superior results in every aspect; economics, environmental, efficiency, and expected service life, over that of traditional removal and replacement methods.

Our Approach

Our customers’ project needs are thoroughly examined by our business development and design team to identify the potential to provide a more economic, efficient, ecological approach to their unique project needs.  The ability to provide our customers with the latest technology that can be adapted to our customers’ unique project needs is made possible by the strategic manufacturing partnerships we have with proven industry leaders. These leaders form into a group under the umbrella of the Coordinated Systems Consulting Design team in order to brainstorm and use their proven technologies to innovate a permanent solution that takes care of the root cause of the issue.

Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc. has assembled the industries’ finest, most innovative chemical engineers, product manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, structural engineers, quality control managers, and highly trained experienced technicians that partner with CSC to provide our customers with the most economical, ecological, efficient engineered design to facilitate the repair and strengthening of their structural needs.

Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc. provides the following services for our hand-chosen, highly select group of Repair/Strengthening Industry Leaders: CSC serves the group by consolidating business development groups. Our highly skilled and experienced business development team is trained to work with specifying engineers, Contractors, and Owners to identify each and every opportunity that can be served by utilizing the technologies of our partners and to present an alternative Engineered proposal to furnish and install the proven tested solution. Providing our customers with innovative-systemic-holistic solutions to solve their structural needs ties all of our partners together.

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