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Diagnose the Problem

Diagnose what went wrong with concrete chemistry.

Get us involved from the beginning.

Prescribe the Medicine

Not one project has the same issue; that’s why we “prescribe” special “medicine” for the deterioration.

Administer and Cure

We cure the problem at the root.

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Hollistic & Systemic | We Cure the Disease!

Each project and customer has unique causes and needs. CSC combines industry professionals from engineering, product manufacturers, chemical engineers, research and development, project management, quality control, and experienced construction applicators to provide our customers Turn Key Solutions from diagnosis through cure under one umbrella.

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Total Performance Systems (TPS) for Solving Problems With Concrete, Stone and Steel Structures

TPS stands for:

  • Problem identification and the root cause
  • Recommended¬† solution and product combination
  • Product delivery and technical support for application
  • Verification that root cause of problem is terminated

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